Study: One in five Brits thinks light sabers are real

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A recent survey conducted by Birmingham Science City as part of Britain's National Science and Engineering week found that many adults are having a hard time distinguishing science fiction from science reality. And what they discovered was that twenty percent of the population thinks the light sabers from Star Wars are a viable weapon choice in this day and age. Here's a quick run down of some other stuff far too many people believe in:

    • Teleportation (via machine, because no one has learned anything from The Fly)
    • Hoverboards (awesome)
    • The power to move objects with your mind (even more awesome)
    • Mind-erasing technology (not sure what that is — but maybe this one is real and is called roofies?)
    • That you can "see gravity" (adults in Britain are tripping balls right now, man)

What's a spin someone who's dedicated their life to science can put on this to not get super depressed? Hit it, Pam Wadell, director of Birmingham Science City:

While films and TV can be acknowledged as creating confusion, it is also worth highlighting how advanced science has now become, and many things deemed only possible in fiction have now become reality or are nearing creation due to the advancements of science.

Awww. Okay, Pam. Whatever helps you sleep at night.