Study: Teenage girls become stoners faster than teenage boys

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A recent study by the Yale School of Medicine that examined the use of marijuana in adolescents found some surprising results: apparently, teenage girls move from sporadic use to regular use quicker than teenage boys. (Also, white girls smoke up more than girls of other races and ethnicities.) This is apparently one of the first studies to examine such differences, so they don't really know why. (Maybe it's because girls are just so much more rad and tubular and other '80s slang word for cool.)

But that's not all! The study confirmed everything your ninth-grade drug PSAs warned you about:

For both genders, participation in extracurricular activities is associated with a lower rate of marijuana use…

Teens that smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol or carried weapons were more likely to use marijuana. Younger students and those with better grades were also less likely to report using marijuana.

That's right: one day, little Suzy is just having a cigarette behind the gym with her girlfriends. The next, she's coming to Social Studies three sheets to the wind, ready to come at Janice with a box cutter because she asked Bobby to the homecoming dance even though she knows Suzy has a crush on him. You know how it is with teenage puppy love.