Stunt comedian attempting to watch 250 Netflix movies in one month

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Comedian Mark Malkoff, a former Colbert Report staffer (who, coincidentally, is a bit of a Colbert lookalike), continues to make a name for himself by engaging in quirky and amusing stunts, such as moving into an IKEA while his apartment was being fumigated, trying to get tossed from an Apple store, having strangers carry him across Manhattan, and participating in "Celebrity Sleepovers." (Hey, after Weird Al's first few song parodies, they thought he was just a kook too.)

Malkoff's latest stunt, begun on April 16, is an attempt at watching 250 movies in one month's time (more than 400 hours of viewing), via Netflix streaming. Says Malkoff, "I'm curious to see how many films a Netflix subscriber can watch in a month. Even more I want to see the best value I can get for my $7.99." He adds, "If I watch 250 films, that works out to about 2.9 cents per film."

Malkoff kicked off his tiring project on Monday by watching fifteen-plus hours of classic films like A Clockwork Orange, The Graduate, and Harold and Maude. (Some kind of youth vs. age theme?) He organizes his movie-watching into theme days, like classic comedy day, and documentary day. He's also "doing a day of the worst films ever made which will feature titles such as Cool as Ice starring Vanilla Ice as well as Troll 2."

It sounds like a solitary endeavor, but Malkoff persuaded his at-first-reluctant wife to watch a few flicks with him. He said, "When I initially pitched her the idea I tried to spin it that we could have a 'date night' every night watching movies, but she wisely didn't buy it." He also envisions some don't-hold-your-breath scenarios: "I'm hoping to get some well-known actors to come to my apartment to do live commentary on their films. I would love if F. Murray Abraham would watch Amadeus with me and bring his Oscar."

Malkoff is currently soliciting movie suggestions on Facebook and Twitter (available on Netflix streaming of course), documenting his madness on his blog, and will post a retrospective video to the "My Damn Channel" website in May. If you're taking NoDoz to watch Jack and Jill, you're a braver man than I.