NYC subway hero asks the woman he saved out on a date

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Or maybe it's just a gesture of good will, since the "date" would take place at a Knicks game honoring the man, Derrick Oakes, for saving MTA employee Sabrina Scott. But, like Daily Intel, I prefer to think this is the start of a love connection. First, some back story: the saving went down two weeks ago when Scott, alone on an F train platform, was being chased by some deranged man and got pushed onto the tracks. (This is my greatest fear.) Hearing her screams, Oakes wrestled the man to the ground, jumped down, and helped Scott back to the platform.

(Possible titles for the inevitable romantic-comedy adaptation: Love Train, Express Pass To Love, Holy Fuck Someone Stop This Crazy Guy.)

For his heroism, Oakes is being honored at a Knicks game and $2000 will be donated to the charity of his choice. And what did he do when he found out he could bring a guest?

But, there was no indecision when told he could share front row seats tonight with a guest. He called Scott.

"I left a message asking if she'd be able to come, if she's feeling up to it," he said.

Aw. Not to be too teenage girl about this, but wouldn't that just be the cutest thing ever?