Superhero vigilantes band together to help protect New York sex workers

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The New York Initiative

While the police investigation to find a New York-area serial killer toils away, a group of self-professed superheroes are coming to the rescue. Meet The New York Initiative, a vigilante group that vows to protect the people, all the people, including the killer's primary target — sex-workers. According to their Facebook page: 

The Long Island Killer is out there. He's a scary bastard, and it's starting to seem like he is focusing on you pretty ladies because some people are slower to report you missing, and also because apparently the law doesn't respect your personal choices and that means cops are slower to follow through when it comes to you. Well, I'm here to say FUCK THAT. We respect you as human beings, we believe in personal freedoms and think that you're doing something that is absolutely your choice to do.

And here's how they intend to help (via a Craigslist ad):

If you absolutely don't have a friend to help you [track your movements while on a date], you may use the services of the New York Initiative as your personal log book, as well as your rescue team in the event of an emergency. If you choose to do this, we will provide you with a number to call and a few one-number or one word codes you can say or text to us so that we can contact someone to assist you with a possibly violent date. Another idea is keeping us on speed dial, and if things get weird just call us and let the line open. We'll know what's going on immediately.

We also have other techniques which we can explain to you after confirmation via phone.

It's refreshing to see a such a respectful and well-intentioned group of folks, even if they parade around in goofy goggles and capes.  Plus they offer self-defense classes, which is actually pretty practical, because you never know when you might cross paths with a psychopath. Of course actual, efficiency on behalf of law enforcement might be more practical. But in the meantime we're glad these guys are around.