Surprising study shows pretty people are happier, richer

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A survey on psychological studies completed over the last forty years has resulted in a not very surprising conclusion: a person's level of attractiveness seems to be highly, and positively, correlated to their wealth and happiness. Researchers found that the top fifteen percent of people, in terms of attractiveness, were an average of ten percent happier than the bottom ten percent. Although women's perceived attractiveness tended to have a higher impact on their happiness, it affected men as well. Being an attractive man most often led to having a more attractive and higher earning spouse. It also led to the man himself earning a higher wage.

The fact that beauty is correlated to career success is no huge surprise, but what is interesting is author Daniel Hamermesh's advice that you not go out and try to buy your way into beauty: "I know all the cosmetics folks and clothes folks say they can make you prettier, but the evidence for it just isn't there," and "It doesn't help much. … Your beauty is determined to a tremendous extent by the shape of your face, by its symmetry and how everything hangs together."

Also notable, the fact that if you're not beautiful, then it's best to just accept it. His research showed that people chasing attractiveness were even less happy. So, in conclusion, if you're not attractive, just accept it. You're kind of fucked.