Survey: third of young Japanese men uninterested in sex

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In a survey conducted by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, nearly thirty-six percent of young Japanese men aged sixteen to nineteen said they are not interested in or outright averse to sex, more than double the results of the previous study in 2008. (In a related story, one-hundred-and-one percent of American young men said they are extremely interested in sex.) No reason was given for the carnal apathy, but perhaps it's a perfect storm of robot designing, anime watching, and the following of baseball great Ichiro Suzuki. It's a serious issue, because Japan's current birth rate is 1.21 babies per family, while 2.08 is the number required for a stable population.

As of March 2009, the Japanese population was just over 127 million, but a decline to ninety-five million is projected by 2050. And if things continue as they are, it could be half that at the turn of the next century. So the logical extension of this alarming trend is that there will eventually be no Japanese people left on the planet earth.

In a very Japanese term, these young asexual men are referred to as "herbivore men," meaning they're passive and less ambitious in their romantic relationships with women than previous generations. Perhaps a kind of USO tour is in order, with Pamela Anderson and Megan Fox and others getting the "herbivores" sexed up so they can halt this baffling decline.