Swedish woman finds condom in her milk

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This is what milk looks like in Sweden:


Looks unassuming, right? What you don't know is that inside this carton of dairy is a wet, packaged condom. Or at least that was the case for one woman in Gunnilse, Sweden. Says AOL News,

The woman reportedly found the foul item Monday while pouring the last drops of "filmjolk," a fermented milk product similar to buttermilk, into her dog's food bowl.

The woman's daughter, Milica, said that as her mom poured the creamy liquid into the doggie dish, a condom, a pink-colored plastic ring, and a receipt squirted out into the bowl.

Milica says the incident ruined both her and her mom's appetite for days.

"She's started to eat again, but she's never going to buy filmjolk again," Milica told the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Arla Foods, from whence the tainted filmjolk came, is denying any part in the incident, speculating that perhaps some cut-up friend of the woman inserted the condom as a joke. "It's a closed process," said a representative from the company. "There are filters and things that would stop something so large from ending up in a container." 

"Filters and things," eh? The company's technicians are on the case anyway, but we think there might be an easier way to solve the mystery: find out where that receipt came from, you crazy Swedes!