Swiss open shelter for newly-divorced dads

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Thomas Jane as divorced dad on Hung

Contrary to what Hollywood and other myth-makers want us to believe, not every newly-single man absconds to the nearest Club Med for whiskey and 21-year-old cocktail waitresses. Most married men are broken up by breakups, as anyone else would be. Like members of pretty much any demographic, these guys can go in many different directions once out of the house — to a miserable hotel room, to a parent's basement, or to a newly-purchased mansion.

Some men in Switzerland are going a completely unusual route — they're holing up at a shelter for displaced dads.

Thanks to a benevolent pastor's pilot project, a few newly-separated fathers living in Switzerland can have temporary shelter and a safe haven to recover from the initial trauma of their split. The home, which opened in late 2009, currently accommodates three fathers at a time. Cabalzar also designated two bedrooms for children of guests, who pay the equivalent of $166 per week to stay.

Some dads only stay for a few days, others, for a few weeks, and the demand for shelter is high. The pastor, Andreas Cabalzar, is considering opening more homes for divorced dads who could use a little group therapy. In addition to providing religious support for the guests who need it, Cabalzar works with marriage counselors, lawyers, and psychologists to help divorcing parents communicate openly while maintaining a positive environment for their children. [Your Tango]

For those men out there who have been separated from their families in the past: where did you go and why?