Taylor Swift is responsible for the worst-selling magazines of 2010

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Lady Gaga

Selling magazines might be the only thing Taylor Swift isn't good at. She was the cover girl on Elle magazine's poorest-selling issue of the year, with 60,000 fewer copies sold than an average issue. Swift also appeared on some of the worst-selling issues of Glamour and Marie Claire. Perhaps women are subtly boycotting a rich, pretty girl who seems unrelatably blessed. Or she's just boring. 

Lady Gaga, on the other hand, is pure gold. Her famous Rolling Stone cover tripled that magazine's usual sales (although, that happened to be the issue with the Stanley McChrystal article in it — Rolling Stone's only bit of real journalism in recent memory). Gaga was also responsible for Cosmo's best-selling issue. 

Another interesting phenomenon in 2010 magazine sales was the polarizing effect of pop singer and television personality Jessica Simpson, who was once famously mocked for jokingly misunderstanding the contents of a tuna-fish can. Simpson was curiously the eye candy for both Lucky's best-selling issue of the year, and Marie Claire's worst. Said Daily Beast contributor Richard Rushfield, "I'm surprised that she was a best seller. But people love to hate her, and she continues to spark enough interest to keep people engaged." Speak for yourself.