Tea Party comic invokes Trig Palin to call liberals “special needs children”

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The Tea Party really needs to stop hiring stand-up comics for their events. First there was that whole flap with the Obama impersonator a little while back, and now it turns out that they're booking talent that compares liberals to Down syndrome children.

Eric Golub, a comedian and Big Hollywood contributor, performed a routine at a Tea Party event in Iowa on Saturday. Predictably, most of the act praised Palin and shat on President Obama, but there was one bizarre and fairly inappropriate segment to his routine.

"[Sarah Palin] has a beautiful, adorable special-needs child. For that reason alone, the left should worship Sarah Palin and adopt her as one of their own. Because the leftist haters are an entire political ideology of special-needs children."

Ba-zing! Do you get it? Because I don't. Is it that liberals are needy? That their needs are "special," and that that somehow connects with Down syndrome? Or is he comparing all liberals to people with Down syndrome? I'm not really sure which is the most offensive.

Actually, though, the most offensive would probably be Golub's hypocrisy. A while back, he wrote a scathing attack on David Letterman regarding Dave's Palin-joke controversy, which includes this hilarious line: "…this is about more than ideological bigotry, which I have dedicated my life to fighting and ending."

But that would be the ideological bigotry against Palin, right? Ideological bigotry for Palin, like, say, bringing up a Down syndrome child apropos of nothing and then using it to work in a cheap shot against liberals is totally outside of your life's work, right, Golub?