Teens are now smoking more weed than they have since the ’80s

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Miley Cyrus bong hits

And it's all because of that pesky talk about medical marijuana! At least that's what public-health experts are saying in response to the annual "Monitoring the Future" survey of teen drug use, which found that six percent of high-school seniors admitted to smoking pot every day, the highest rate since 1981. Finger pointing on this has turned to the very public debate over legalizing medical marijuana, and the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse said, "When you talk abut the potential health benefits of marijuana, it's the equivalent of saying heroin is a great pain medication, so you shouldn't be wary of it." So, that got real.

Heroin comparisons or no, the study also found that teens are much less concerned about the potential health drawbacks of marijuana than they have been in previous years, and actually smoke weed more often than cigarettes. What? Not everyone can live up to the standards set by professional-good-decision-maker Miley Cyrus, who, as we all know, chooses salvia.