Terrible criminal put a picture of Jack Nicholson on his fake ID

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Jack Nicholson Fake ID

An inept Brazilian criminal has been arrested after trying to open a bank account using a fake ID featuring Jack Nicholson's face. Good one, guy! Way to shake off the time-tested tradition of using the face of an acquaintance's older brother or sister, and go balls-out for the "iconic, internationally recognizable movie star" route instead. It's fresh, it's bold, it's unexpected.

Oddly enough, it also happened to be the work of a professional identity thief. Police had apparently been on the hunt for forty-one-year-old Ricardo Sergio Freire de Barros for months when a bank employee who recognized Nicholson's face on his ID turned him in. Reportedly, the trick had worked at numerous other banks.

When Barros was arrested, he was carrying six different IDs, and an assortment of checkbooks and credit cards. No word on whether these were also taken out in the names of celebrities, but either way, he was charged with using false documents as well as falsification of a public document.

This can only mean we should start readying ourselves for a wacky crime caper movie about the whole incident. Nicholson's a little too old and paunchy at this point to star as Barros, but he'd be perfect for a cameo as, say, a suspicious bank manager. Who's with me?