Despite the election of Barack Obama and the general progression of culture into a post-racial world, there's still a whole lot of racism out there. It's just that now, instead of being out in the open in the form of, say, separate drinking fountains or specific parts of the bus where one can sit, it's more seething-below-the-surface these days. It's a joke told at a poker game among friends, or a slip of the tongue after getting cut off in traffic. Make no mistake about it: racism isn't gone. It's just a better concealed. So when overtly-racist stories find their way into the news, as in reports that a Kentucky church has banned interracial couples from attending services, it's a real shock to the system.

The story is this: a woman who's been attending services for years recently came back to town with her new fiance, an African man she met at her high-fallutin' college. As you'd imagine, the church didn't take too kindly to the new development. As you wouldn't imagine in 2011, the church leaders had a sit-down meeting and voted to officially ban interracial marriages:

"[T]he Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church does not condone interracial marriage. Parties of such marriages will not be received as members, nor will they be used in worship services and other church functions, with the exception being funerals."

Well, at least those types can attend funerals! There's really not a whole lot else to say about this other than: oh boy. Oh, and go fuck yourselves, Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church.

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Nov 30 11 - 7:18pm

"Freewill" anyone? Anyone?

Nov 30 11 - 7:36pm

What else do you expect from an institution of legalized discrimination (AKA church)?

Nov 30 11 - 7:44pm
What Would

What would Jesus do?

Dec 01 11 - 10:35am

Not this.

Dec 01 11 - 10:47am


Dec 19 11 - 3:21pm

Ban inter racial couples from a church in kentucky or ill killl everything

Dec 19 11 - 3:21pm

Wow guys, look at what jesus would do. I believe him, it's written down so it is true

Nov 30 11 - 8:06pm

I think "Kentucky church bans interracial marriages" would have been enough. Readers would think the "Terribly racist" part of the headline and rant ourselves. Just like the headline today, "Hanson is launching a brand of beer called 'Mmmhop' " doesn't say "with the ridiculous name" and the headline "Rick Perry doesn't know the legal voting age or when the election actually is" doesn't say, "The terribly ill-qualified presidential candidate"....

Nov 30 11 - 8:11pm

All we can do is pray for those people. Or... just tell them to fuck off. I'm fine with either.

Nov 30 11 - 9:32pm

Actually both would be good.

Nov 30 11 - 10:28pm

I am down.

Dec 01 11 - 1:01pm

I suspect the latter would just serve to encourage them, vis., Westboro Baptist.

Dec 01 11 - 2:27pm

Flaming bag of pooooooo-oooop.... Am I the only one who always sees this as a solution?

Nov 30 11 - 8:30pm

seeing this racism hurts my heart :(

Nov 30 11 - 9:10pm

They're just taking the "Nobama" mindset to another level. You know, try to prevent those "demonic" interracial marriages that could produce more black-white-hybrid, anti-christ, liberal, social, pinko-commies... or something like that.

Nov 30 11 - 9:13pm
El Buitre

I'm glad they did it.This brings in your face reality to those black baptists in dreamland.I wish more churches would it.I should know where i'm not welcome.i"ve been in churches where you can cut the tention with butter knife.Hindi and 2 kids came to my southern baptist church.somewhere in the sermon preacher shouted ïn India they worship cockroaches".Southern Baptist sect was formed so they wouldn't have to sit in church with blacks.They'll deny this.

Nov 30 11 - 11:01pm
Jim the Baptist

I deny this!

Dec 01 11 - 10:37am

It's a ridiculous assertion that because there's one church of thousands that has gone nuts, it represents the "reality" for "black baptists." Is the reality for white urban residents the New Black Panther Party threatening violence at polling places? Clearly not.

Nov 30 11 - 9:59pm

just for the record i live in this this town and not everyone here fells this way. most people that you talk to here are just as shocked and ashamed that this could happen in 2011. it personally makes me sick that someone could be so small minded. to me there are good and bad people of every race and culture, and as long as someone loves you and treats you good it shouldn't matter what color skin they have.

Dec 01 11 - 12:35am

amen to that

Dec 01 11 - 1:04am

So...just going to a different church isn't on the table?

Dec 01 11 - 5:19am

Sure it is. So you're saying this is OK? Then this church should be paying taxes out the ass instead of being exempt...(but it really would be better if they just did the right thing.)

Dec 01 11 - 1:03pm

I think Xsuit is saying that voting with your feet is an option here. Revoking tax emempt status because you don't agree with them? What next, tax the Catholic Church because it holds that homosexuality is a sin? A slippery slope better avoided.

Dec 03 11 - 9:19pm

Tax them all and let God sort it out.

Dec 01 11 - 2:49am

It wasn't Adam and Oprah. Let's keep the gene pool pure.

Dec 01 11 - 12:23pm

Bud, as if you know ANYTHING about genetics or gene pools.

Dec 01 11 - 1:05pm

I got the irony, OTL. What's stranger, that Adam and Eve likely were dark skinned or that xx thousand years later, we're still fixated on skin color?

Dec 01 11 - 3:37pm

I'd be happy if we all went back to naked being the norm.

Dec 01 11 - 4:22pm

I think I like you

Dec 01 11 - 5:27am

I wonder how they feel about albino Africans

Dec 01 11 - 5:30am

They're not the only church in the tri-state area that feels that way. My boyfriend's parents had to leave their church because the pastor essentially told them it was "whites-only."

Dec 01 11 - 10:50am

The tri-state area is New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. This church is in Kentucky.

Dec 01 11 - 11:43am

No, the tri-state area is Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

Dec 01 11 - 1:01pm

You're not alone. I think most people share the feeling, m.

Dec 01 11 - 2:05pm

What if they allow all-black couples? Would this still be racist? Or would it be "interracist"?

Dec 01 11 - 4:24pm

What black church do you know that doesn't want a little bit of everything in their congregation? if you know some of the words to Amazing Grace, most black churches will give you the right hand of fellowship

Dec 01 11 - 4:51pm

And they call themselves "Christians." Seriously. I am so over religion. Ugh.

Dec 01 11 - 9:08pm

they dont like interracial couples, but touching little boys is a-okay!

Dec 05 11 - 1:28am
ha ha

FAT white women love em' sum black dudes....

Dec 22 11 - 7:29am

C'mon, people. You can't honestly express surprise at this? Aren't we all cognizant of the mind-warping capabilities of belief systems? This isn't going to change without some seriously lengthy evolutionary adaptations to how we're wired. Just sayin'.

Oh, Jesus - hold on. We were *created* this way. Shit. So there's no hope whatsoever. This is allllll God's plan.