The first ever singles-only church opens near Washington D.C.

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Book of Mormon statue

If you thought your local gym was a meat market, then you should check out Crystal City's 23rd St. Chapel. At least if you're Mormon. The Washington Post describes the chapel as "the only worship space in the country devoted solely to unmarried people in their twenties, thirties, and forties," and from their description it sounds like spouse-hunter central. In addition to standard worship services, the church offers a variety of social gatherings from trivia to ping-pong, all in the hopes of matchmaking their eight-hundred congregants. While some of us prefer the presence of booze, I guess there are worse ways to meet your life-mate than with free pizza and table tennis.

Given that their faith forbids them from partaking in premarital sex, you can bet that there's a lot of sexual tension among all these pious young folks. But what better way to get them to wed faster than the promise of lots of guilt-free, God-approved sex?

So what happens after all these couples finally marry and shack up? They "graduate with honors," as the Post article puts it, and move on to more traditional, married-people churches. I wonder if they get to wear caps, gowns and other commencement regalia on their wedding days. Nothing is sexier than tassels, after all.