The iPhone is officially coming to Verizon

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What's the number-one reason that young, smartphone-toting urbanites still carry BlackBerrys? No, it's not the fucking keyboard. It's the family plan. The "I just moved to Chicago and it's expensive as hell and Mom doesn't give me money for anything but she'll still pay for my phone because it's only like ten-dollars-a-month" plan.

Moms use Verizon. Why? Because they are sensible ladies who actually talk on their phones. In a totally non-scientific study of the Nerve office, this phenomenon accounts for 100% of BlackBerry ownership by people under the age of thirty. But all that is about to change. 

Verizon will officially start carrying the iPhone, ending the nearly four-year tyranny of AT&T. The product will apparently be available to Verizon customers (and current iPhone-havers who want to keep their phones but quit AT&T). The phones will cost $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB with a contract, and be available as early by February of this year. 

Or, for those broke twenty-somethings, on your next birthday.