The Oxford Dictionary now recognizes the word “sexting”

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English is a living language, my friends. And that's wonderful. But for every Shakespeare who gives us "assassinate" or "swagger," there's a fifteen-year-old on whippets who gives us "sexting." (Not that I don't find the term hilarious and use it all the time. Because I do.) And now the Oxford dictionary has caught up with the everyday teenage miscreant, including "sexting" in its online incarnation. Here are a few other tech-y words that made the cut, with my commentary:

Bandwidth: Sure. This is a thing I know of.

Bounce rate: Also a thing, especially if you work at an online magazine! Two for two, Oxford.

Clickjacking: First, let me repost what they said: "the malicious practice of manipulating a website user's activity by concealing hyperlinks beneath legitimate clickable content, thereby causing the user to perform actions of which they are unaware." So… is that like Rick Rolling, or something? Also, I've never heard this term before.

Feature phone: Apparently, a cell phone that can do more than just make calls but isn't a smart phone. No one uses this term, and if they do, they won't within the next three years. There is no point in including this.

Onliner: Isn't everyone online now? This is like saying "breather" in a world not filled with vampires.

Scareware: Oh geez. Just use normal terms like a normal person, Oxford!