The Pope acknowledges that the Big Bang occurred, albeit in the mind of God

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Pope Benedict

This just in: Pope Benedict thinks God's mind was behind the Big Bang, but, what's really surprising, that the Big Bang actually happened. In a megasermon in St. Peter's on Thursday, the Pope of Vatican Village said, "Contemplating it (the universe) we are invited to read something profound into it: the wisdom of the creator, the inexhaustible creativity of God."

Benedict countered those atheists who say science can prove that God does not exist by saying that some scientific theories were "mind limiting" because "they arrive at a certain point… and do not manage to explain the ultimate sense of reality…" The Catholic Church of recent vintage has allowed that God and evolution could coexist.

The non-anti-science Benedict has taken strides to be more accommodating to twenty-first-century belief systems. As research goes on at CERN, the two-hundred and sixty-fifth all-time pope continues, amid a scandal-plagued regime, to express his unshakable faith. "In the beauty of the world, in its mystery, in its greatness and in its rationality… we can only let ourselves be guided toward God, creator of heaven and earth," he said.