This year’s Wall Street bonuses will drop by twenty to thirty percent

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Wall Street bull

Wall Street bonuses are expected to drop by as much as twenty to thirty percent this year according to a new survey, with employees in high-risk fields such as investment banking and trading being hit the hardest. This isn't a nod to Occupy Wall Street so much as a nod to another dismal financial year, and Alan Johnson, whose firm conducted the survey, said, "It's disappointing. I think we were all hoping we were out of this morass."

Bonuses for top executives will decrease as well, as trading profits are significantly down. "Wall Street is in the process of re-evaluating what each seat is worth and having been in one of those seats it’s tough," said one former Bear Stearns senior trader. "You may still be making a lot, but it is a lot less than what you were making and that is what matters."

While protesters currently Occupying Wall Street probably won't be sad to hear the news about this year's bonuses, no one is expecting the change to effectively placate the movement. As Johnson put it, Wall Street's higher-ups still "haven’t gotten the memo at all."