Three Chicago high schoolers wear anti-gay shirts to anti-bullying week

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Straight Pride shirt

It's anti-bullying week in Chicago-area public schools, but that didn't stop the anti-gay religious right from coming out to protest. Three kids at St. Charles North High School in St. Charles came in on Monday wearing the above shirt ("Straight Pride") with an oft-misquoted Bible passage suggesting homosexuals should be put to death.

The principal had the kids black out the Bible quote with a permanent marker but two more kids showed up the next day wearing "Straight Pride" shirts. They were forced to cover them up all day with sweatshirts, but the damage was done. Right-wing students are showing up today in all black to protest censorship and supporters of the middle ground and civil rights for everyone were told to wear both black and blue.

Free speech, of course, does not allow for offensive T-shirts that advocate executions for homosexuality, but try telling that to these misguided teens. Still, you have wackos like this mom, who commented on a local news story about the controversy by yelling: "The right to FREE speech trumps the right to not be offended! HOW dare they ask these students to cover up these phrases!! It does not sound as if they were pushing violence!!" Quite the opposite, ma'am: it sounds exactly like they were pushing violence.