Today in Oscar news: Brian Grazer in, Robin Williams declines

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Today in the continuing adventures of Brett-Ratner's-A-Dick-Seriously-Fuck-That-Guy-Gate — we may need to come up with a slightly less unwieldy title for all this nonsense — another domino has fallen, or righted itself, depending on your perspective: Spiky-haired super-producer Brian Grazer has agreed to fill the douchebag-sized producer role left by Ratner. You can read the official press release by the Academy, filled with your usual PR-friendly quotes of praise and nary a mention of Ratner in sight at Deadline, if you're so inclined.

Grazer, who's produced such non-controversial dramatic box-office hits as Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Frost/Nixon, Cinderella Man, as well as comedies like Splash, Liar, Liar, and (gasp!) the thing that probably started this whole mess in the first place, Tower Heist, will no doubt play it safe and stack the deck with classy tributes to fallen Hollywood idols and heavy doses of Tom Hanks.

Meanwhile, Movieline has an interview with Robin Williams in which they ask him point-blank whether or not he's in the running for hosting the Oscars. His response:

"No… Oh, please, that's a tough gig. I was so looking forward for [Eddie Murphy] to do it. I think he would have just been amazing — especially if they let him be characters. He could have made a movie."

Not that, you know, they were ever really considering Williams for the hosting role or anything. With that news, though, it's time to update our Unauthorized and Unofficial Oscar Host Scoreboard:

Eddie Murphy: Out, but Grazer's trying to get him back in
Robin Williams: Out
Billy Crystal: Waiting patiently by the phone since 2003
Whoopi Goldberg: Wha…?
James Franco/Anne Hathaway: Get the fuck out of my office
Ricky Gervais: Seriously, get the fuck out
The Muppets: Ugh, sure. Fine. Whatever.

Leaving who? Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Tina Fey? Herman Cain?

Ten-to-one odds that this insane build-up to the Oscars is way more intriguing and entertaining than the actual ceremony. Takers? Anyone?