Transgendered teen voted prom queen in rural Florida, of all places

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Prom has gotten progressive. At a high school in Davie, Florida, a transgendered teen named Andii was voted prom queen and an openly gay man was elected prom king, in a first in prom history (we think). Also this year, in Blacksburg, Virginia, an openly gay man was voted prom queen. Andii said she was "in complete shock. It's a big stepping stone. People can see it's finally okay to be who you are."

Now, I'm from Canada, where there are no prom kings or queens. Instead, people get awarded non-offensive superlatives ("Most Likely to Love University," right here). But I know that here, in glamorous America, prom is a really big deal, and always won by the blonde-haired cheerleader superstar. Which is why this news seems significant. 

It's great to see acceptance like this happening in small-town high schools in the South, not typically a region known for its progressive stance on social issues. But also, it's a great reminder that young people have wildly different (and generally more liberal) views on sexuality. We just need to wait a few more years for them to grow up. And for some homophobes to retire.