Trapped Chilean miner has a mistress, wife unhappy

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Trapped Chilean coal miner has a mistress, wife unhappy.

Most people become happy when they hear that Chilean miners of the trapped variety are being rescued. Most people except for a certain miner's wife, who recently discovered that her husband had a mistress all along. Upset, she says she'll skip his rescue. Burn!

Yonni Barrios is the adulterous miner, and Marta Salinas is his wife of nearly three decades who discovered about The Other Woman when she ran into Mr. Barrios' mistress at a candlelight vigil. The sly dog Mr. Barrios wants both women to show up to his rescue, but his wife told reporters:

I am happy because he made it, it's a miracle of God. But I'm not going to see the rescue. He asked me to, but it turns out that he also asked the other lady, and I am a decent woman. Things are clear: it's her or me. I won't even watch it on TV. Besides, in phone conversations and in the letters he has sent me it's clear that he is fine, and that's enough for me.

And though it has little bearing on this story, I'm going to do it anyway: Miner? I hardly know her!