Reports: TSA printing body scanner images, passing around penis photos

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Body scanners

It's as bad as you feared: TSA employees are printing out, passing around and collectively guffawing at pictures of your X-ray boobs, butt and penis.

The organization and its employees are coming under increasing fire (sorry for the bad metaphor there) as more and more travelers are reporting problems with the new body scanners. The invasive machines were highly controversial from the moment they were announced, but until now, it seemed like underpaid employers were going to be looking at our naughty bits for eternity.

But in recent days, a new and surprisingly strong backlash has emerged, with various factions aiming to take down the free peepshows. An anonymous pilot complained he was not allowed to fly a plane because he asked for a pat-down instead of having to go through the body scanner. A woman "who, along with her child, was sexually assaulted by TSA staff after refusing to go through a naked body scanner" and an Indian film star claimed that TSA employees printed out an image that featured his very visible penis and circulated it for their own amusement.

Last night, Jalopnik ran the story of Libertarian activist Meg McClain, who claimed to have been verbally abused by TSA employees after she refused to let them use aggressive pat-down procedures on her. However, surveillance footage contradicts some of McClain's statements. (She also says a TSA employee ripped up her plane ticket, which the video neither confirms nor contradicts.)

Have you been through the revealing body scanners or have you been groped by TSA employees?