“Subway vampire” arrested in Russia

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A twenty-eight-year-old Ukrainian man has confessed to stabbing fifteen women, aged sixteen to twenty-eight, in the back of the neck on underground trains in St. Petersburg. The victims' wounds varied in size, as if some had been pricked with needles, and others, by larger, sharpened knitting needles. The man apparently licked the blood of some of his victims before vanishing into crowds.

The unidentified man from the Ukrainian city of Lviv would tell his terrified victims to "be careful" after attacking them.  The "vampire" was apprehended after his victims, who have all subsequently undergone HIV tests, compared notes with one another online about the attacks. Police were trying to ascertain the man's motive as the story broke. These latest series of incidents follow last year's arrest of a nineteen-year-old-man, nicknamed "The Siberian Dracula," by Russian police for beating a man to death and drinking his blood. I guess this is the downside of Bram Stoker, Anne Rice, and Stephanie Meyer.