Urban Outfitters sued by 15-year-old model’s parents over sexy pictures

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Jason Lee Perry image for Urban Outfitters

The parents of a fifteen-year-old model are suing Urban Outfitters for printing sexualized images of her on t-shirts, seeking twenty-eight-million dollars in damages. According to their filing, in a 2010 shoot with Jason Lee Parry (which they seem to not have objected to at the time, oddly enough), their daughter was asked to pose "in a blatantly salacious manner with her legs spread, without a bra, revealing portions of her breasts."

From the lawsuit:

"The pictures also show her with beer, riding on a motorcycle without a helmet, and breaking other laws. Other pictures appear to show her pubic hair.

The image of Teen in a spread eagle position making her crotch area the focal point of the image may portray a child in a sexually suggestive manner and may be in violation of one or more federal and/or state laws."

Yowza. Well, there's (hopefully) no debating the photo shoot described by the lawsuit constitutes a hugely inappropriate work environment for a fifteen-year-old. But then again, wasn't it also inappropriate to let her go on the shoot in the first place, and only complain about it once Urban Outfitters started making money off of it?