U.S surgeons successfully complete first full face transplant

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team of surgeons

A year after world's first full-face transplant, our fine country has caught up. Today, in Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists worked together to complete our nation's first full-face transplant. The lucky winner of this incredible medical attention is Dallas Wiens, a twenty-five-year-old Texas man whose accident with an electrical wire back in 2008 burnt his face so severely all his features were left indistinguishable

The surgery, which took fifteen hours and thirty medical professionals, restored Wiens' lips, nose, muscles, skin, and nerve endings; they were unable to fix his eyes. The first facial transplant took place about a year ago in Spain, and five years before that, a woman in France whose face had been mauled by a dog received a partial facial transplant. In 2008, the Cleveland Clinic was able to perform a similar procedure on a woman with gunshot wounds that had taken out the midsection of her face.

Officials at the hospital are reporting that Wiens is recovering nicely. One might think vanity and general social acceptance would be the two things Wiens is most looking forward to, but his aspirations are actually far more moving than that:

"Not being able to be kissed by my daughter is frustrating… if she kisses me I hear it and can feel some pressure but I can't really feel her kiss."