Pope Benedict

Bad news for all you tech-savvy Catholics — you'll have to suffer with the guilt of your sins until you can get yourself in front of a real priest. A Vatican spokesman has officially outlined the Catholic Church's stance on confessions via iPhone app: they don't count. 

For an organization that didn't pardon Galileo until 1992, the Vatican is surprisingly open with its use of technology. The Pope, or someone acting on his behalf, keeps up a regular Twitter feed (in six different languages, obviously). 

The app in question, called "Confessions: A Roman Catholic App" reminds the pious of the ten commandments and allows you to check off the sins you've committed. It costs $1.99, and will then generate a script of sorts outlining your confessions.

This, however, is only prep work; instead of sending the list to a priest, you actually have to go tell him yourself. Personally, while I have no interest in actually confessing, I wouldn't mind getting a look at that list of sins. 

Commentarium (4 Comments)

Feb 09 11 - 4:29pm

What an unbelievable racket. It's the sale of indulgences all over. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indulgence (Not that the app is an official Vatican product, although I wouldn't put it past them.)

Feb 09 11 - 6:39pm

I tried the app, and when I checked the sin of murder, the police came knocking. Imagine that.

Feb 10 11 - 2:06pm

I grew up Catholic and still go to mass when I'm at my parents house and I honestly don't get what the big deal is about this...part of confession is an examination of conscience, or basically sitting and thinking about what you've done since your last confession. This is gimmicky and ridiculous but I can't see anything wrong with it. Lord knows the Catholic church has plenty of shit that's more egregious than an iPod app.

Feb 11 11 - 1:05am
Stephen Stills

Does it have the option to add custom sins? Some things just don’t fit neatly into the commandments. If not, do you get bonus points if you commit all ten?