Viennese ballet star fired for posing topless

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Vienna ballerina

Karina Sarkissova is a ballet dancer at the Vienna State Opera House (the Staatsballett)… or, I should say, she was a dancer in the Viennese ballet until her director saw her boobies… in a scandalous "art" magazine!

Last August, Russian ballerina Karina Sarkissova posed for secks magazine Wiener (oh the punny) and was fired a short time later by Director of Wiener Staatsballett, Dominique Meyer. [Opera Chic]

The completely tasteful nude photo is available online, thanks to, uh, Wiener magazine. Beavis. 

One commenter on Opera Chic really says it all (so we can continue to take it easy on this pretend national holiday):

Unbelievable. She got fired for posing topless? In Europe?
Aside from the fact that she should be able to do whatever she wants to do as long as she performs her job properly, don't these people realize that she is making the arts more 'interesting'? In times when dance is on a popular decline, a little bit of scandal should be welcome publicity. [Opera Chic]