The job situation is bleaker than before for graduates

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The Times came out with an article today on the forever depressing notion of finding a career. Remember three years ago when the recession was at its height and everyone was saying, "Poor you! This is the hardest time to be a college graduate! There are no jobs!"? Well, it's ba-aaaack. Apparently, employment opportunities, along with starting salaries, have fallen even more in the last two years. 

How will all these kids with literature degrees from expensive liberal-arts colleges (that's a completely hypothetical example) with tons of debt pay off their student loans? They're turning to the old stand-bys, according to the Times: "The individual stories are familiar. The chemistry major tending bar. The classics major answering phones. The Italian studies major sweeping aisles at Wal-Mart." 

Shit. Maybe we should just duck and cover during this slump and all go back to graduate school, like Mom's been saying all along:

"Going back to school does offer the possibility of joining the labor force when the economy is better. Unemployment rates are also generally lower for people with advanced schooling. Those who do not go back to school may be on a lower-paying trajectory for years. They start at a lower salary, and they may begin their careers with employers that pay less on average or have less room for growth."

Two things to take away from this article: 1. always listen to your mother and 2. tip your waitress. She's trying to pay off $20,000 in debt all because she really, really liked writing about Proust's madeleine.