Watch: 13-year-old American boy arrested for protesting in China

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Teenage American boy arrested for protesting

An undercover Beijing police officer detained a thirteen-year-old American boy after the kid protested in front of Tiananmen Gate in China. Jonathan Lee of Ridgeland, Mississippi was with his mother, who stood idly by and had called in the media to watch her son unfurl a banner calling on China to support reunification between the Koreas. (Luckily, he didn't say anything about China's government itself or this would be the Tank Man all over again.)

The kid told the press that he thought it was important, from a Christian standpoint, to encourage peace between nations. I have to wonder if he weighed the value of his nearly illegible banner against the dangers of protesting in a country that has no free speech protections.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to call the mom out on this one: you let your son protest in China? Do you know what happens to people who are normally busted for protesting in China? I'll give you a hint: we don't know what happens to them since most of them are never heard from again.