Watch: An interview with the first man cured of AIDS

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Timothy Ray Brown AIDs

Thirty years ago today, the CDC delivered the first reports about a disease called AIDS. To commemorate, Hank Plante of CBS went to speak with the only known person to have been cured of the disease. 

Timothy Ray Brown was living in Berlin in 2007 with HIV and leukemia when he underwent a bone-marrow stem-cell transplant. Astonishingly, it seems to have effectively ridded his body of the disease. While many people have successfully managed HIV — and lead happy successful lives, this is the first known instance of the virus actually disappearing. Since 2007, Brown's been living in good health without taking his HIV medication. 

While promising, it's not exactly the same thing as a global cure. AIDS is still a worldwide epidemic, especially in the developing world. And even if treatment like Brown's was known to cure the disease 100% of the time (and it's not; his is still an isolated case), it would be inaccessible to a vast majority of patients. 

Still, it's a little bit promising.