Watch: Anderson Cooper takes on bigoted Arkansas school board member

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Clint McCance is the school board member from Midland, Arkansas who posted on his Facebook that he was incensed that people were wearing purple ribbons to honor those who committed suicide over anti-LGBT bullying. Instead, he said, "The only way im [sic] wearin [sic] it for them is if they all commit suicide." (Seriously, just [sic] all over the place on this one.) He also mentioned that he enjoys it when "fags" get AIDS and die.

Remember, this is a school board member. McCance was incommunicado for a little while after the story broke, but last night he went on Anderson Cooper 360 to discuss his actions.

Part One:

Part Two:

I know that's long, but it's fascinating for the following reasons:

  1. McCance clearly knows he fucked up big time.
  2. He also knows he has to be extremely apologetic, but…
  3. No one wants to believe/admit they are a hateful or bad person, so…
  4. He can't apologize for the real issue, which is not his word choice, but how much he hates gay people.

The strain on his face as he tries to to accomplish all this reminds me of one of Asimov's robots trying to resolve a conflict of the Three Laws. But man, that Anderson's really been on a roll lately, huh?