Watch: art installation featuring frat dudes in a box

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As part of the 2011 SCOPE International Art Fair in NYC, Texas-based artist Richie Budd and Will Robison have created an installation titled C'mon Guy (Frat Boy Box Party) which features four members of New Jersey fraternities transplanted from their natural habitats to a glassed-in cube where they chug beer, sing, belch, do push-ups, call for pizza, scribble graffiti on the wall, and just generally do what frat dudes do, in four-hour blocks each day. The only items in the box are the beer, a magic marker, and a pee bucket. Co-sponsor Natural Light donated thirty cases of beer to the project, because a dry frat party would be like celebrating Mardi Gras in North Korea.

Spectators of the curious exhibit are able to interact with the living "art" via text, as well as purchase items of clothing and accessories, and can receive messages and files created by the brothers. Whether this can be considered Revenge of the Art Students is up for debate, but one of the participants did seem to be wise to the mercenary aspects of art-world machinations, telling Budd, "Hey bossman, I'm gonna bring tennis balls and fluorescent paint on the last day, and we'll throw them all over the walls. Some stupid idiot will buy it and you can have the money." That rumbling you just heard was da Vinci turning over in his grave.