Watch: Bullies forced man to eat his own beard

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Beard eater.

I've eaten a lot of objectionable things in my day. McRibs, coldly served justice, Cheerios that easily violate the five-second rule. But my own beard? Nobody does that!

Kentucky man Harvey Westmoreland did that. Not that he wanted to — as NBC News reports (slow news week, much?), two "former friends" made Westmoreland eat his own beard after a quarrel over, yes, a lawnmower. It started with some drunken fisticuffs, and, before long, Westmoreland and his brother had knives pulled on them. What happened next? "They cut my beard and forced me to eat it," he says.

Watch the story in the video below. If it kind of creeps you out, then promise me that you'll never watch the Ozark-set drama Winter's Bone.