Watch Chris Armstrong respond to Andrew Shirvell’s bullying blog

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Chris Armstrong, the University of Michigan student body president who was the target of Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell's completely insane blog, Chris Armstrong Watch, made his first public statement about the issue last night on Anderson Cooper 360. For a college student who spent the last half year being harassed, if not stalked, by an adult man who keeps track of his Facebook page, Armstrong comes off as very clearheaded and reasonable.

I will point out that he is wearing sneakers with his nice outfit, which I can respect. Keep that college spirit alive, Chris! (Skip ahead to 6:00 for the interview.)

I can only speak from my experience as part of college student government (it was a dark time, let's not talk too much about it), but while getting gender neutral housing is a big task, lengthening the hours of the dining hall is damn near impossible. Give those DHall people one little bit of power and they will stick it in a deep fryer, call it "Mexican Surprise," and hold onto it for dear life.