Watch: Christine O’Donnell’s new attack ad takes its cues from “Bed Intruder Song”

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Christine O'Donnell is kind of amazing, as long as she never gets voted into public office of any kind. From the clips of her time on Politically Incorrect where she's talking about witchcraft to… her political ads where she's talking about witchcraft, she is really rather hilariously crazy. Like Sarah Palin, but with less menace and more Hocus Pocus.

Her last ad was a bit of a let down — just some stuff about her not going to Yale. (She also didn't go to Oxford, but she sure claimed she had!) Thankfully, this new, trailer-themed attack ad released by her campaign picks up the slack by taking its climactic slogan from "Bed Intruder Song."

That's got to be intentional, right? (Side note: what does "hide your lights" even mean in this context?) The message itself is some blah "Democrats like taxes" stuff, but that O'Donnell certainly knows how to spice things up.