CW News reporter broadcasts video of TSA frisking his 3-year-old

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CW reporter's 3-year-old daughter at TSA

The airport security crisis reached staggering new heights last night when a YouTube video of a terrified three-year-old girl getting frisked by the TSA went viral. The clip was quickly removed (commenters claim conspiracy) but then something even crazier happened: a CW news reporter named Steve Simon went on the air with the clip at KIAH-TV in Houston, Texas and said that the girl is his daughter… and that he could only stand by in horror and watch his daughter scream herself hoarse.

(Yes, he could have intervened, but what would the alternative have been? Putting her through the radiation machine? Canceling at least three plane tickets and leaving the airport?)

Here's the clip from the broadcast, during which Simon is noticeably calm and in total "cheery TV news guy" mode, but that may be because he knows his daughter actually got off easy. As I mentioned the other day, there is a strong movement building against the TSA and its get-groped-or-get-cancer Catch-22 policy. The people behind that movement have reported far worse (sexual) assault attempts than this one.