Watch: Democratic students get naked for health care

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Students get naked for Obamacare.

For all the money college students spend on university-branded sweatshirts, they sure do spend a lot of their time naked. These kids will take their clothes off for anything, from cafeteria food to tuition to old-fashioned sexual relations. Now some liberal college students are getting naked for yet another reason — President Obama's health care plan.

Two groups, Campus Progress Action and Young Invincibles, made a video that their professors would classify as 'viral.'  In it, the kids go nude to demonstrate how they were "uncovered" before Obama's recently passed health care bill. Thanks to that legislation, they say, young people can now wear clothes and should thus vote Democratic this November.

But if that's the case — that voting Republican would result in more naked coeds — then most people would be more likely to not vote Democratic. PoliSci-major fail? Judge for yourself: