Watch: Feminist attorney Gloria Allred “liked” her TSA patdown

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Gloria Allred on the TSA & Sean Hannity

The controversy around the TSA's new body scanners and patdowns reached another peak over the weekend, as virtually every news show discussed the building movement against them.

The most memorable of these broadcasts was undoubtedly attorney Gloria Allred's appearance on Sean Hannity's show. Allred, who has represented everyone from Nicole Brown's family to the two Tiger Woods mistresses, said of her TSA experience: "Yeah, they did [touch my body parts] and it was a first time anybody touched them in a long time and frankly, I liked it."

It's interesting to point out that, even though Allred is notable for taking on many plaintiffs in sexual harassment cases, she describes the experience as "not a sexual assault". This will likely slow some of the momentum against the procedures, methinks.