Watch: Fort Worth city councilman makes most heart-wrenching “It Gets Better” video yet

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Joel Burns, a city councilman in Fort Worth, Texas, took time out of a recent meeting to give a simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming speech about the recent suicides of far too many teens who were (or were perceived to be) LGBT. In it, he recounted his own experience growing up gay in Texas and how isolated and worthless it at times made him feel, and wished he could show his depressed thirteen-year-old self the amazing moments in his life that would eventually happen.

Would anyone like to start off your work day with a nice cry at your desk? Because you are probably going to cry:

It really is amazing to see so many people taking the time and the effort to make these videos or spread awareness about organizations like the Trevor Project, even if it's just a small step on a pretty long road. But it's heartening to see something happen.

One last thing: seriously, clump of audience members who didn't stand up at the end? People will give a standing ovation to almost literally anything these days! Get it together.