Watch: Japanese love doll robots revolutionize dentistry

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I don't know much about robotics, very little about love dolls, even less about dental practice. But I do know that when you combine all three, you get something pretty cool. Something more valuable to dental students than mere textbooks.

Roboticists at Japan's Showa University have created an automaton that incorporates love-doll technology that would make Lars' "Real Girl" jealous. "Showa Hanako 2" was fabricated by Japanese robot-maker Tmsuk Co., and is scarily realistic. "She" will actually be sold by a Japanese dental-supply company, and who wouldn't want such a high-tech toy which features autonomous actions like blinking, coughing, and sneezing? Not to mention speech-recognition technology and an actual gag reflex.

The love-doll part was handled by Japanese sex-doll titan Orient Industry, who created the silicone skin, mouth, and tongue for the creepy, yet awesome, training aide. The thing even gives performance-feedback to students post-check-up, via computer-link, after storing and analyzing data. But you have to wonder if students' performances aren't inaccurately represented, considering they're not working on actual human beings. Still, I don't know many people willing to be dental guinea pigs, so these robots may be commonplace in a few years.