Watch: Lady voter has orgasm in controversial Spanish political ad

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Spain's Young Socialist Party orgasm ad.

Remember how weird it was when you were watching TV with your parents and those Herbal Essence spots would play during the commercial breaks? It felt like the longest 30 seconds ever.

Spain's Young Socialist Party (of course!) in Catalonia also has a commercial that feels like the longest 30 seconds ever (partially because it is, in fact, 90 seconds long). In the ad, a young Spanish woman reaches sexual climax while casting a vote, presumably for the Socialist Party. The video even features some suggestive ballot-box action, the kind that simply would not happen in America(n districts that use electronic voting machines). "Voting is pleasure," reads the campaign slogan.

And, as BBC News notes, the ad is coming under fire from politicians representing both the opposition parties and the Socialist Party itself. See what all the fuss is about in the ad below.