Watch: Olivia Wilde returns from the future to warn you about President Palin

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Olivia Wilde, the sultry actress probably best known for her role as Thirteen on House, has been pretty forward with her politics in the past. (See her 2008 voting video, "Olivia Wilde Does It Early." Get it?) And now she's teamed up with MoveOn to encourage voter turnout in the upcoming elections. Allow her to tell you just how bad it can get if you don't get to your polling place next week:

I know this is fake and all, but I wouldn't really be shocked if Olivia Wilde from forty years in the future still looked that good. (She's got the bone structure to make it possible, and she just has that kind of life.) The video could probably benefit from being a minute shorter, but I did laugh at "ultrawar." Good job, Wilde.