Watch: Palin adviser speaking in tongues

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Lou Engle praises the lord

There's something simultaneously hilarious and super terrifying about watching people speak in tongues. In most cases where I encounter such a YouTube video, I simply laugh fitfully at my desk while my coworkers side-glance at me, and then shudder, while contemplating how many people actually believe this shit. Today, however, I experienced an unusual amount of terror after viewing this run-of-the-mill prayer gibberish moan-fest, led by religious crazy person Lou Engle at a Los Angeles Christian conference.

That extra bit of horror I felt had to do with the fact that Engle is a once-adviser to possible-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Many will remember Engle's inclusion in Michael Joseph Gross' Vanity Fair Palin-bashing piece. Gross quoted an email exchange between Lou and Sarah in which Engle compared Palin to the biblical Ester and urged her to show her true self (religious self) to the American people.

Tongue-speaking, fish-clubbing, Ester-emulating: these are all attributes I value in a serious political candidate.