Watch: Pro lacrosse team holds lap-dance contest at halftime

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Why are lacrosse players so obsessed with lap dances? Some years back, Duke's fearsome lacrosse team got in hot water when they hired some local strippers to perform at their fratty party. Now the, um, professional Boston Blazers are throwing lap-dance contests at halftime, in a stadium full of all-ages fans.

This contest went down like this: Storch, the team's mascot, sat in a chair while various women walked up to give him lap dances; all of it was televised on the stadium's Jumbo-Tron. And, surprise, it caught the local news media's attention.

The original video of the spectacle has also been making the rounds, but YouTube keeps taking it down due to a copyright claim by the National Lacrosse League. At any rate, the team has since issued an apology for the misstep. I guess this is what happens when you don't give a sport cheerleaders. Or does professional lacrosse already have cheerleaders? Honestly, I didn't even realize there was professional lacrosse.