Watch: Scientologists stalk and harass religious defector

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Did you really need further proof that Scientology is a creepy, mind-controlling cult? Probably not, but here's some anyway. In the Church of Scientology, individuals who wish to leave the structure of the official church, but who wish to continue practicing elements of Scientology on their own, are called "squirrels." Marty Rathbun is one such squirrel; he practices Scientology rituals such as auditing with other religious defectors, but no longer belongs the official organization.

For whatever reason — most likely because squirrels have excluded themselves from the elaborate financial contributions that the Church demands of its faithful — Scientology employs a group of "squirrel busters" to harass and stalk the religious defectors, lest they develop a following. In the above video, four squirrel busters arrive at Rathbun's door, demanding to view his e-meter and some sort of folder. When asked to leave, they assure Rathbun that they'll be stalking him "for weeks and weeks."

This writer has actually visited the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles, and has been hooked up an e-meter and had an elaborate psychological test performed on her. If my personal experience is any indication — I was told by a man wearing a culty turtleneck sweater that my personality was "unacceptable" and then pitched both a book and a class to help me improve my personal traits to acceptable levels — this group is primarily concerned with finances, not matters of faith. And, it seems, they'll go to great lengths to ensure no one threatens their cash cow of a religion.