Watch: Venezuela holds beauty pageant for Barbie dolls

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Venezuela, which Reuters reports is a "beauty pageant-obsessed nation," recently held a competition to find out which Barbie doll will represent the country in the Miss Barbie Universe contest.

This is serious business, considering that Miss Barbie Venezuela won the world's crown last year. And things get pretty intimate too. Said the event organizer,

It is a sort of symbiosis between the organizer and the doll — you become something strange there, and it is like your daughter, but at the same time you are you, and you create its personality." 

Fortunately, it seems that the judges chose the right father. The audience burst into "unrestrained excitement" when the winner was announced.

Watch the video below to see who won this year's Miss Barbie Venezuela contest and, based on precedent and sheer drive, is likely to become the next Miss Barbie Universe.