She Fights

Oh, brother. It takes all kinds — like Floridians. Yes, the website accused of paying women to beat up homeless dudes on video is based in that strange little peninsula we in the upper forty-nine so lovingly call "fucking Florida." But at least they have a sturdy newspaper like the St. Petersburg Times, which has famously kept its state's freaks, weirdos, and Scientologists in check.

The latest muck the paper's raking involves a local website called, a fetish site that promises to "help you live out your ultimate fantasy" — as long as your ultimate fantasy involves attractive women in workout gear beating the shit out of men. Men, for instance, like the following homeless one:


Homeless advocates are saying these guys are getting thrashed for around $25 to $50 a beating. (The videos are being sold for as much as $900, though obviously the classic unfair-distribution-of-profits struggle is not the primary issue here.) Thankfully there are people out there doing good things and not blogging all day, and those people are suing the website on behalf of the homeless. The homepage currently reads:

We have chosen not to comment in the media because, unlike our accusers, our case is solid and we prefer to reserve all comments for court, where we have the advantage of law and facts. I will say that there is no truth to the allegations, the stories are simply that, stories paid for by the organizer of the suit, and an attempt to harass us in the media, as well as an attempt to shake us down before this goes to trial.

Yes, yes, those rich fat cats who work for the homeless are giving their many dollars to respectable newspapers to print unfounded accusations against a sleazy fetish site. This should be a quick trial. 

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Commentarium (6 Comments)

Apr 14 11 - 9:33am

Meanwhile, boxing, UFC, etc. are all legal.

Apr 14 11 - 9:40am

What a sucky business model — why the heck would they need to pay homeless guys to get beat up? I bet there are lots of guys out there who would *PAY* to get beat up by scantily clad women.

Apr 14 11 - 11:08am

Not everyone in the Sunshine State is a fucking moron (I go to school here), but this is messed up.

Apr 14 11 - 1:17pm

So many... things... to say here... VAPOR LOCK...

Without giving too much away, my own personal blog has a URL similar to this one, and I wondered about the recent influx of new worldwide visitors. I think the whole thing is really funny. But I'm a sick bastard.

Apr 14 11 - 8:20pm

So when are you guys cutting Florida off the map?

Apr 15 11 - 12:23pm

my own personal plan involves detaching Florida and California from the US, creating a new, island nation of idiots called Florifornia, and hoping the resulting inbreeding there will actually do quite a bit to improve the mean IQ.