Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral

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Westboro lunatic Margie Phelps announced on Twitter today the church's intention to protest Elizabeth Taylor's funeral. And I quote: “Hello rebels! RIP Elizabeth Taylor is in hell as sure as you’re reading this & getting mad as a wet hen. She should’ve obeyed God. Too late!,” and “No RIP Elizabeth Taylor who spent her life in adultery and enabling proud fags. They cuss her in hell today.  #Westboro will picket funeral!”

It is their belief that a vindictive, punishing God has cast Elizabeth Taylor to the seventh circle of hell for her activism and fundraising efforts on behalf of HIV/AIDS research and relief. Also, I guess she got married too many times. Although, interestingly, her defense of her multiple marriages was always that she didn't want to sleep with anyone to whom she was not wedded.

The bizarre cult, usually hard at work protesting funerals of fallen soldiers and gay men and women, has apparently added Hollywood icons to the roster of people to slander in the most tasteless way imaginable.

Ironically, Phelps also tweeted, "You brutes bellow RIP Elizabeth Taylor It’s not yours to give peace -it’s God’s." I'm pretty sure what you're saying, Margie, is that it's God who gives peace and renders judgment, not humans. See where I'm going with this?